1075 South Lake Street
(lower level)
Neenah, WI  54956

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It’s been a hectic day. You’ve looked forward to this relaxing massage or facial for hours. Thank goodness, this cozy boutique is conveniently located right off the highway. As you walk in the door your stress immediately melts. Your therapist greets you hospitably and escorts you into a soothing room.

The lighting is low, the colors are rich and a welcoming chair and silky rug beneath your feet tickle your senses. A relaxing blend of aromatic oils waft up and you can’t help but to respond, “Ahhhh.”

Soon, you sink into clean, soft sheets, enfolded in a cozy blanket. The music surrounds you and your treatment begins. The tension in your muscles eases, the exhaustion in your soul lifts. Slowly you drift off, happy you have found this unique and personal place of escape.